Innovation and Systems Development

CMS2 is committed to investment in R&D and innovation. Developments in progress include both upgrades to existing products and creation of new, next-generation products to ensure our mission-critical systems remain market-leading.

Working in our manufacturing and development site in Portsmouth, we leverage our on-site test facilities to develop and test novel solutions. Integrating ensures that we build on the deep knowledge and expertise of developing products for the unique & harsh environment of submarine operations .

Working with our sister company, Sagentia Innovation – a leading, Cambridge-based innovative product design company- we assess the effect that technology advances can have on our atmosphere management systems.

Sagentia Innovation has teams of experts in sensor technologies, data science & artificial intelligence, chemistry & material science, systems engineering and thermodynamics, amongst others.

Areas we are focusing on include:

  • Assessing technology options for innovative approaches to CO₂ removal
  • Exploiting data analytics to enable predictive maintenance of our products
  • Utilizing improved sensor technology to improve product reliability
Systems development

Our team have rigorous processes to develop our systems to meet the requirements of our customers and continuously improve the performance, efficiency, physical size and reliability of our products. Where Innovation provides new technology options, these are fed in against requirements, which can include time, cost & risk of any subsequent development programme.

We follow the V model, whereby we understand the customer requirements and work out how to build a system using simulations, prototypes and testing. We then build, demo and test the system and deliver to the customer.