Systems Support Services

CMS2 LifeSupport is a support programme for customers operating CMS2 equipment or delivering submarines containing CMS2 equipment prior to operational deployment.

Why CMS2 LifeSupport?

For submarines that are in the in-service phase, a support programme is essential to maintain the reliability and availability of the CMS2 atmosphere management system. As a mission-critical component, failure of the atmosphere management system will result in a submarine which either cannot deploy or cannot fully complete operations at sea.

For submarines that are in the interim phase, where customers with delivered CMS2 equipment are awaiting to transfer to live operations, it is imperative that the equipment is kept up to date prior to operational deployment to ensure a smooth and timely hand-over to the asset owner.

CMS2 LifeSupport will provide dedicated resources to proactively manage the support of the critical CMS2 equipment to align with the requirements of our customers and their mission-critical operations.

LifeSupport Program Benefits

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with over 60 years of experience developing air purification systems, we have created a support programme that aims to reduce system issues and provide a rapid and predictable response to support requests and problems that occur in-service or in the interim phase.

LifeSupport benefits will include:

  • Predictable response times: Support desk will be available in core UK working hours with dedicated support experts
  • Consistent support responses: Support issues logged and tracked in secure support database
  • Advanced warning for part obsolescence: Proactive management of key components
  • Spare part discounts: Greater discounts provided at higher support tiers
  • Priority access to engineering teams*: For projects that need core engineering resource, access will be prioritised to customers with a LifeSupport contract
  • Critical incident support: Urgent failure issues will receive a response within 24 hours
  • Staff updated with latest training: Available online with optional site visit from our training team